Abundant snowfall in the northwest of Tunisia trapped on the roads about 1000 people. Snow stopped a road traffic at several locations, including the main highway in the province of Jendouba. Due to the inclement weather, the authorities opened ten schools and sports halls in order to provide a shelter for people. About situation informed the AFP agency.

Authorities were giving warm blankets and meals to the people who where trapped in the snow because of „monstrous traffic jam“. Kids and old persons were evacuated from the places that are far from hospitals. In early January nine years old girl died in Jendouba because of hypothermia.

Although the mountains region of Tunisia is often confronted with a snow in the last days, the country faced a particularly strong snow storms that came from Europe. Temperature there dropped to minus five degrees of Celsius. Heavy snow also affected the province of Kaserin in the west of the country which is among the poorest areas of Tunisia.

Source: ČTK


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