[quote]Project I-HeERO could enable faster and more effective intervention of the Integrated Rescue System. in accidents of trucks or buses. Thanks to the system, vehicles should be equipped with a software with automatic calling for help on the line 112 (eCall 112) in country of the EU. It a specialists from countries dealt with the issue of putting the system into practice on two-day conference in Ostrava. They could see a system in a simulated traffic accident.[/quote]

The system eCall was started in European Union on 1. October, but so far only for a passeger cars. The system should determine not only place of an accident or number of passagers, but also information about cargo carried to be traced its origin, owner or risk of cargo.

,, A big car factories are already introducing eCall several years, but they have to use the so-called third side, it means, that they don‘t call directly on the Integrated Rescue System, but it call on a different assistant services,‘‘ said Rostislav Hlosta from Vítkovice IT Solutions that is involved in development of system.

Hlosta reminded that this way vehicle called for help in Beskydy last year. A car factories are going to have an obligation to install eCall into a passenger cars from April 2018.

,,This is about saving 2500 people within the EU,‘‘ pointed out Hlosta.

If eCall becomes a obligatory component of trucks, Hlosta doesn’t dare to estimate.

,,We are endind with the eCall for trucks and we are hoping the eCall will get in the same state as for passenger cars in the year. European commision must approve it. We are defending a project now,‘‘ said. Hlosta..

According to a specialist on emergency call, Jan Urbánek, the eCal willl enable a faster arrival to a place of accident, but it will help to reduce an impacts on the environment.

,,In the case, that cargo will be dangerous substances, so the information allows us to better prepare for an intervention. When we know dangerous substances are in place, so we automatically active forces and resources that are specialized for intervention with dangerous substances,‘‘ said Urbánek.



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