[quote]The Czech Republic could cooperate with the Poland in the cross-border interventions of military aircraft. It envisages the intergovernmental agreement that is being prepared now. The contract will be signed in 2018.[/quote]

,,An Intergovernmental Agreement with Poland on cooperation in the field of military aviation is currently being prepared. The agreement will allow above all cross-border interventions of the two-state military fighters in providing air defense within NATO’s integrated air and missile defense system (NATINADS),‘‘ said Jan Pejšek, a spokesman for the defense ministry.

The NATINADS (NATO Integrated Air Defence System) is an alliance systém that ensures the continuous protection of the airspace of European NATO members. Each member state is responsible for defending its airspace. The Czech Air Force gave two Gripen fighter planes to the system, which are then subject to the Allied Command. Every year they get to several „sharp“ flights. They mostly control non-communication aircraft, which for example lose connections. The contract with Poland would allow, for example, that a Czech fighter could escort a suspicious plane over Polish territory as well.

The Czech Republic was made a similar agreement with the Slovakia. But it is wider than the treaty prepared with Poland. Pilots will also be allowed to use weapons in the territory of the other State against an intruder of the airspace. At the same time, the agreement provides for mutual assistance in the event that one of the countries is unable to protect its airspace.

Source: ČTK